Upon its introduction to commerce, the use of computers had limitations. Computers that were inducted into service were for the most part used for record keeping. This ability proved to be invaluable, especially for banks and other financial institutions.

Looking back, there was nothing attractive about the monitor or screen. However fascinating computers seemed to users, the monitors black screen could only display characters of fluorescent green or orange. It would be decades before the use of the ‘internet’ and ‘world-wide-web’ (or WWW) were widely used.

Although the internet existed as early as the late 1960′s, it was not introduced for personal use until 1992. A year earlier, the World Wide Web had made its public debut. Today, with the use of the internet and WWW, we can access banks, retailers, institutions and professionals.

Today there are more than 180 million websites globally. Imagine logging onto websites with only fluorescent green or orange characters identifying them? At times, web designers are taken for granted. Society owes much credit to them for their creative genius. Their talents are responsible for the many elements we find on websites that are pleasing to the eye.

Surfing the web is, if nothing else, an appealing experience. However, appeal does not necessary hold the attention. At first glance, all the ingredients needed to create intrigue and hold the attention of the visitor should be obvious.

Web design has become a specialized field like medicine. A skilled web designer that specializes in header design can create headers that increase the value you a business. Headers are the first image visitors see. The purposes of a website header are to identify, attract, and introduce.

The advantages of a website header are marketing strategy. It should have the ability to increase traffic to the site. This in turn should increase sales and ultimately enlarge the business client base. These graphics are the first contact the perspective client. Think of it as the official handshake between proprietor and prospect.

Creating a website header involves careful consideration. It is important that idea of what is desired be understood by both parties. Another aspect to be considered is if the header should be animated (flash, javascript) or fixed (static, without movement).

Static website headers are simple, basic designs generally including the business name and or logo. They are fixed headers and do not interact with the user, especially navigating through the site. The designs are still impressive and possess professional quality. Because they can be created without added man-hours and the use of animation this option may be more economical.

A flash website header, on the other hand can be animated to interact with the user.  Navigating through the site is one characteristic. In choosing this option, knowing exactly what the header is expected to do is key. This will help the web designer choose which programming is needed, namely Flash or Javascript.

Some designers may prefer to use Flash as some computer users do not always enable Javascript. However, if the animation is to work on the Apple (Mac) operating system, Javascript is best. Javascript tends to be more versatile for such tasks. It has a larger library of browser support.  It can also handle smaller files effectively.

Web design has become more eloquent as well as enchanting since recent years. This includes the sophisticated software used to create the message a header conveys. Whether it is 1920 art deco or aScience Fiction theme, the website header is designed to say so much.