FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your banners cost?
Depending on the type and size of the banner you need, the price will vary. Generally the price increases as the dimensions increase. For further details please click here.
It seems so complicated to make a banner, what information do you need from me?
The minimum information we require from each client is the custom text they would like displayed on their banner. Optionally, our customers may provide logos, unique images, and custom stock photos. By default, we will select appropriate stock photos based on your criteria.
How long does it take or my order to be processed?
The standard processing time for each web banner to be finished is 3 days, usually it takes less than 3 days. However, the schedule may vary, depending on our current workload.
I don’t have a logo, is this included with my banner?
Logo design isn’t included with banner design, it is ok as we will make your banner using a style that matches your webpage or any other parameter that you have. Logo design is charged seperately
What methods of payment do you have?
We accept Paypal payments. We also accept bank transfer payments if you reside in Germany or Czech Republic, in this case please contact us and we will email you the payment details.
What if I need modifications to my banner?
We are committed to client satisfaction. We will make revisions on request to provide you maximum satisfaction. We offer our clients revisions till they are satisfied (within reason) or money back satisfaction guarantee. We dont refund any fees taken by your bank or paypal after receiving your refund.
What types of changes/revisions are allowed?
You can request changes in color, text positioning and animated frame positioning as revisions. However, a request for a full redo of your advertisement text will qualify it as a new order and normal fees will apply – just like you are ordering another banner.
Does HeaderDesign.biz accept orders with adult content?
Yes, as long as they do not exceed legal or moral bounds.
Do you design banners using custom sizes?
Yes, we are able to accept custom sizes as well. Click here to request a quote based on your specific dimensions.
Everything sounds great, how can I place an order?
When you’re ready to place an order,  click here to fill in the order form. You will be asked to provide some basic information to help us keep in touch with you. You will also be required to process your payment as you fill out your order form. Once the payment has been received, we will contact you if we need any further information. Otherwise, the next email you get from us will be your banners.
What is the difference between a static and an animated banner?
An animated banner is a series of moving images to create better visual impact with your web banner ads. On the other hand, a static banner does not contain any moving parts.
What are .PSD/Source files?
Source files, or .PSD files, are the Adobe Photoshop project files which contain each editable layer allowing you to easily modify them. We create all of our banners using Adobe Photoshop. Having the source files allows you to modify your banners without having to ask us for assistance. Although, if you are having trouble editing your source file, contact us and we will do our best to assist you.
Will you advertise my banner?
No. Although the purpose of web banner is mostly for advertising purposes, we do not handle the advertisement ourselves. Our focus and expertise lie of web banner creation and design.
Who will own the copyright?
All copyrights of the graphic design are transferred over to the client upon clearance of full payment. We reserve the right to showcase work done for your in our portfolio. Concepts that are not chosen remain under our copyright.
My question wasn’t answered, what do I do?
These are just the most popular questions in which we’ve received from our customers. If you can’t find an answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to address any other concerns you may have.