Creating Effective Banner Ads

Creating effective banner ads is not a difficult task; all you have to do is know what to do with them. For those who are not familiar with this marketing technique, here is a brief explanation.

Banner ads are a paid method of marketing and promoting business or products by placing advertisements on other people’s websites. Payment methods used for this marketing tactic could be allowing the other websites to place their banners on your website in what is termed banner exchanges or just paying the other webmaster to place your banner.

Banner advertising can be very powerful and is quite effective, but you have to understand how to design quality banner ads.

  • Effective banner ads clearly communicate the primary benefit of the product or service to prospects. For instance, if your product is web design services the headline should say something like: Incredible Web Design Services! Including the benefits of your product in the headline leaves no room for mistakes and captures the attention of those you are targeting. When your advertising grabs attention you will create much greater click through rates.
  • Text is more important than graphics when it comes to banner ads and you will do better if your headline stands out. Big bold lettering can do just that along with fonts that are easy to read. Once your headline has been created the next focus should be on a bit more in-depth explanation with another 2 or 3 lines of text. In this area you can provide prospects with a list of additional benefits of choosing your product or service and mention that they should check out the advertised site.
  • Provide your prospects with instructions of what to do next on your banner ads. As you draw the attention of potential customers or clients, banner ads should instruct them as to how to get more information. This can be done with a simple ‘click here for more information’ or ‘show me now’ button making it easy to bring them to your site or to your capture page. Conversion rates are affected by the amount of click throughs you generate so this step is critical to your success.
There are more tactics that can be used to generate higher click through rates, but the above are the most important when you are looking for effective banner ads. By using these three simple tactics you are sure to be successful with your advertising campaigns. Of course you should always remember that even banner ads are just one of many different methods of getting the message out about what you have to offer.

As you search for more ways to generate income on the Internet you will find that a combination of efforts is always recommended by authority sites on the Web. Take this one and add it to your arsenal and remember to create your banner ads for greater benefits.